OpenPMO is a Lato Sensu Management initiative. This initiative aims to manage multiple project portfolios, which can be organized in Agile or non- Agile mode.

This initiative is closely linked to two other Lato Sensu Management initiatives: SAMBA and L(i)VID.

SAMBA is a company-wide Agility framework; L(i)VID aims to introduce the notion of Digital Transformation within companies. SAMBA stood for Scaled Agility Model for BAnks; L(i)VID is a sortcut to a formula that is based to prioritize initiatives: Labor, Value, Importance; Date. An i has been added for euphonious reasons.

Here, we bring the three domains together and build bridges between them: (1) portfolio management, (2) enterprise-wide Agility and (3) Digital Transformations.

OpenPMO is the umbrella, providing an operational framework that will later be complemented by its "UTIL" component.